TCNOpen general objective is to provide a suitable environment, the Open Interest Group, where partner companies can collaboratively develop new components conformant to the TCN standard. For each component, a specific Open Source Project will be started, which will run through all required phases: specification, development, test, support.
A first project is currently in progress, related to the development of the TRDP module

TRDP (Train Real-time Data Protocol) is an intermediate module between the TCP or UDP protocols and the applications using the network. The standard specifying such module is IEC-61375-2-3 Communication Profile. Its position within the general TCN architecture is here highlighted. The communication profile is a part of the Train Communication Network, which allows to achieve interoperability between Consist Networks (e.g. the Ethernet Consist Network defined in part 3-4) and the Ethernet Train Backbone defined in part 2-5.

It can optionally include an additional safety layer (SDT). SDT is an end-to-end protocol over an untrusted communication channel. SDT fulfills IEC62280 (EN50159) and supports the transmission of safety related data between a safe data source and one or many safe data sinks.

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