Current status

Work within WG43 is still in progress, as published parts may require amendments or revisions and new parts need to be added to the standard series (see table below). For example, a new part 2-8 is currently built up, which deals with the Conformance Test of ETB (part 2-5), ECN (part 3-4) and Communication Profile (Part 2-3). Since 2009, CENELEC, one of the European Standardisation Organisations, created within its Technical Committee 9X a specific Working Group, WG 15, in order to cooperate with both IEC TC9 WG 43 and WG 46, as part of the implementation of the merging strategy between CENELEC TC 9X and IEC TC 9. As a consequence, most parts of the TCN standard series have also been published (following the procedure of parallel vote) as European Norms (EN) and many of them have been harmonised or are candidates for harmonisation.

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