The requirements coming from several parts of the TCN standard series need to be implemented by all companies wishing to use the standard in their products. This can be a strong effort even for big companies, not to speak about small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

TCNOpen was created in order to tackle some of the technical and commercial problems related to the implementation of the new railway standards. An Open Source initiative appears to be appropriate for the development of standards, as:

  1. It allows to share the development effort and costs
  2. It avoids to have multiple implementations, possibly diverging in minor details, so that to hinder interoperability between resulting products
  3. It ensures a wider test platform and therefore a better software quality, summing up experiences and improvements from all involved partners.

Proof of this is the rapid growth of the number of involved participants (full Partners or Observers) since the founding of the initiative from a group of 5 core partners, at the beginning of 2012.

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